• A Few of Our Favourite Things: 5 Best Dishes in Bombay

      While the rest of the world is turning keto and counting their macros, we’re still strong believers in feeding our bodies and our cravings. We agree that life is all about balance and while we work (out) hard, we also like to treat ourselves every once in a while. When it comes to eating out in... View Post
  • Sōhn City Guide: Bombay

    Bombay is known as the city of dreams in India and it truly represents the most hopeful and joyous spirit that the country has to offer.  Having been born and grown up in Bombay, House of Sōhn is truly influenced and inspired by this city on a daily basis and in that vein, we wanted to share a few of our favourite places with you!
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  • A Few Of Our Favourite Things: Insta Accounts

    Social media has been one of the most defining and influential changes of our generation with Instagram leading the brigade. Whether you think that social media has become too invasive, is a way to share your private thoughts to only people you know, or a way to earn some quick bucks; it’s hard t... View Post