The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Most of us have a serious love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. For all the years that we’ve had an S.O to spend it with, V-day has been magical and romantic (depending on the S.O), whereas the years that we spent watching Friends re-runs in our track pants were significantly less magical. If you are lucky enough to be spending the 14th with someone you love, we say more power to you. As much as Valentine’s Day is not a legit holiday, there is something to be said for spending one day celebrating love.

In today’s day and age, love comes in many shapes and sizes and we wanted to explore some fun Valentine’s ideas for all the single ladies out there.


Treat Yourself

When it comes to love, self-love is by far the most important kind. In order to have fruitful and positive relationships, we believe loving yourself should always come first. This Valentine’s Day, take some time out to show yourself just how much you love you! This could mean buying yourself a massive box of chocolates or staying in with a face mask and glass of wine. Take the day to stop counting calories and Instagram followers and focus on only you. Order that House of Sohn dress you’ve been eyeing, Netflix and chill and just do what makes you happy.


Celebrate Love

If you are lucky enough to have family and friends who love you, we think that’s reason enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Platonic and familial love are equally important as romantic love and sometimes, we don’t pay enough attention to this. Maybe you can send your mom a bunch of her favourite flowers or treat your bestie to lunch. Wake up on the 14th not thinking about how single and alone you are but about how loved and appreciate you are! Take this time to show your friends and family that you’re grateful for their support and love them to bits.


Make A Change

If you’ve been in a dating rut for a while, today may be the day to change things up. Give yourself the freedom to do whatever it is you’ve been thinking of. This could mean joining a dating app, saying yes to that guy at the gym who keeps asking you for coffee or going up to someone you find attractive and striking up a conversation. If there ever was a day to makeover your love life, this is it! Throw your rule book out the window and make a positive change.

Wine About It

If you’re feeling especially needy today, we say go with it. Invite a few girlfriends over and give each person 10 minutes (after a few glasses of wine) to whine about how much they hate being single. Perhaps you’ll discover that there’s actually more to love about your life than you thought! Thirsty Thursday has never been this much fun.


Written by Devika Pathak

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