Sōhn City Guide: Bombay

Bombay is known as the city of dreams in India and it truly represents the most hopeful and joyous spirit that the country has to offer.  Originally a little Portuguese settlement, Bombay or Bom Baim which means ‘good bay’ in Portuguese, has grown to become a cosmopolitan metropolis that still has heart.  A melting pot of cultures, a true Bombay-ite is someone who is independent, entrepreneurial and fun-loving; not worried about a few bumps along the way but always enjoying the ride.  Having been born and grown up in Bombay, House of Sōhn is truly influenced and inspired by this city on a daily basis and in that vein, we wanted to share a few of our favourite places with you!


The Quarter

Imagine a New York style jazz bar with international level performers, easily accessible to you on a weekly basis!  The Quarter is Bombay’s newest hotspot located at the recently refurbished (and incredibly beautiful) Royal Opera House.  The Quarter actually encompasses four distinct spaces but our favourite so far is the jazz bar that sits right opposite the Opera House building.  Here you will find die-hard jazz lovers shushing you as they listen to some of the best music this country has to offer.  They’ve started hosting Sunday sundowners where you can drink wine and listen to smooth jazz before heading off to dinner at our next favourite destination!

The Quarter         The Quarter


Bombay Canteen

If there is one restaurant we vehemently recommend to anyone and everyone who visits Bombay, it has to be Bombay Canteen.  Although the food here is inherently Indian, you don’t need to know a thing about the cuisine to enjoy a meal here.  Inspired by the flavours and ingredients that have passed through Bombay, Bombay Canteen is a real ode to the city if we ever saw one.  With art deco stained glass, tricolour ice cubes and an eggs kejriwal to write home about; you can’t go wrong with a night spent here.




It seems that lifestyle concept stores are having a moment and we couldn’t be happier.  Sitting in a late 19th century building in the heart of Colaba, Clove is the latest brainchild of entrepreneur and hotelier Samyukta Nair and has quickly become our favourite place to shop.  Although the selection is limited, Clove is the perfect place to discover your next favourite brand.  With sections that cover home linens, décor, fashion and accessories; Clove has been curated with a great eye and this really makes the space shine.  The space has been designed to make you feel at home and honestly if they started selling coffee we may never leave. Not to brag, but you can find our products there as well!



Kitab Khana

Our Kindles may have replaced the paperbacks on our nightstands but there is something nostalgic and beautiful about old bookstores that is hard to shake off.  Kitab Khana is an independent bookshop that stocks books on everything from architecture to wildlife to Indian handicrafts and of course, your favourite bestsellers.  What we love even more than the vast selection and friendly staff is the actual space, dark wood bookshelves line the walls while light flows in through art deco windows.  To top it all off, the shop has a little café at the back which is cutely named Food For Thought.


Jogger’s Park

For every person who says Bombay doesn’t have green spaces, we will give you a park.  Bandra itself is home to about 10 small and large parks which are easily accessible, clean and perfect for an evening jog or walk. Jogger’s Park is one such park which sits right on the Arabian Sea offering incredible views along with a 400m jogging track, palm trees, benches and gardens.  We love going here in between meetings to sip on a coffee or read a book while watching the sunset.  It is also the perfect escape from the gym and great for a group running session.




Written by Devika Pathak

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