House of Sōhn x Uncoolinschool

House of Sōhn is always interested in collaborating with like-minded individuals and exploring the fashion space through multiple lenses. In 2017, we were thrilled to create a capsule collection with Smita Lasrado (@uncoolinschool), a cool international model, talented stylist and all-round creative artist. Together, we created a collection that was fun with less fluff and zero fuss. We wanted to make cool pieces that were comfortable and stylish. Clothes look cool on a woman when she’s confident in what she’s wearing, when she can walk freely and live her life passionately – and we’ve created a capsule that caters to that cool girl.



The collection is inspired by the frivolity, innocence and rebelliousness of a schoolgirl – cute, but at the same time with a hint of edge. We played with pleats and ruffles to bring out a playful perspective, almost as a reminder that clothes should be fun and stress-free. The separates can be paired in different ways, layered and taken from day to night, and that flexibility is what we love about the collection. Each piece has its own personality yet works well together with almost anything you already have in your wardrobe. The inspiration behind this was not to create ‘looks’ but classic, timeless pieces that will look as good in five years as they do today.



The pop of bright solids with the basic whites contributes to the playful, rebellious spirit on an otherwise blank canvas. The Bowie Dress for example, is reminiscent of red ribbons in a schoolgirls hair to add a mischievous twist to a simple white uniform. The use of colour almost acts as a fun, fresh addition to classic pieces and basic silhouettes like a t-shirt, a button-down shirt, and a hoodie – all reimagined to be a little less serious. You will find very light, breathable fabrics here; clean lines; simple silhouettes with high-quality tailoring. These are things that are always important to us and that guide our work.



Every collection we create is unique and takes on a different story and character as it evolves. For this capsule, we wanted to tell the story of fuss-free clothes that still looked amazing. As fluid as fashion is, it can often be construed as being rigid and very regulated, with a hundred rules and trends dictating what one should and shouldn’t wear. That is exactly what we wanted to avoid. We created a story that was super easy to understand, versatile and low maintenance (we like to thing of ourselves as these things too!). We think it’s important that clothes stay fun and fresh, and this capsule really tells that story.



  Written by Devika Pathak 


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