A Few Of Our Favourite Things: Insta Accounts

Social media has been one of the most defining and influential changes of our generation with Instagram leading the brigade. Whether you think that social media has become too invasive, is a way to share your private thoughts to only people you know, or a way to earn some quick bucks; it’s hard to deny the fact that social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s only going to become a bigger, deeper part of our lives. There are the lucky few who manage to stay off the usual platforms and entertain themselves doing other ‘real world’ things -- and we applaud this group of rebels! If only we could find a time when a pause in conversation or traffic light didn’t send our fingers gliding on our screens, dumbly gazing at who wore what when. What we do try and do is use social media as intelligently as possible. This means that sure, follow all the Kardashian-Jenners that you want, but let’s also throw in some wild cards. Here are the Instagram accounts we love, and don’t feel super guilty following.




Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain discovered that those of us who are able to employ self-deprecating humour score higher on psychological well-being dimensions like happiness. If this is true then Leandra Medine Cohen, founder of the mecca Man Repeller must be one happy woman. We love that she has fun with fashion, doesn’t take herself very seriously but is always on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the sartorial world. You won’t find any butt selfies here!





The overheard accounts went viral last year, and for good reason. They recount the gems people in different cities hear from those around them and they are seriously hilarious. Each city has its own style, LA talks much more about green juices and cocaine while the London account retains that dry, British humour. We love the New York account mainly because we do feel a stronger affiliation to the city and because people there are legitimately insane.





This account features art from various artists, mainly line drawings and videos. Some of the pieces have strong political undertones whereas others literally run the gamut of what art can mean. What we do appreciate about this account is that there seems to be some sense of social commentary running through the selections, which makes each piece of work something to look forward to. This is a great place to garner inspiration and also to discover new talent.




We’re not quite sure when our infatuation with Babe Walker developed but it began with White Girl Problems, a blog about the problems Babe struggled with on a daily basis. This could mean anything from her unsure about what emotion she is feeling after a summer spent with a South African shaman or recounting her and her bestie Roman’s views on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Whatever it was, Babe represents everything that is wrong with the millennial generation and we can’t help but lap it up.


Written by Devika Pathak


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