A Few of Our Favourite Things: 5 Best Dishes in Bombay


While the rest of the world is turning keto and counting their macros, we’re still strong believers in feeding our bodies and our cravings. We agree that life is all about balance and while we work (out) hard, we also like to treat ourselves every once in a while. When it comes to eating out in Bombay, we’re often overwhelmed by the number of options and choices, and usually end up going back to old favourites rather than risking trying something new. Call us creatures of habit. Here is our list of our five favourite dishes, in random order, that we end up eating at least once a week.


Eggs Kejriwal at Bombay Canteen

You really can’t fault Bombay Canteen for anything. Their décor is beautiful, service is always friendly, food on point and prices reasonable. They’ve taken classic dishes and upgraded them for the 21st century without a foam or smoke in sight- something other Indian restaurants seem to be relying too heavily on these days. This is the first place we take out of town guests and always love the laid-back, convivial atmosphere. The yummy cocktails don’t hurt either. The first thing we have to order here, are the gymkhana club inspired Eggs Kejriwal. At BC, order this dish to be met with a brioche pao, baked in house, slathered with a sharp green chutney and topped with a runny, creamy combination of eggs and cheese. Heaven.


Brioche at The Table


Now most people who frequent Colaba’s The Table swear by their boneless chicken wings, tuna tataki or SoBo salad, however, our party starts way before the appetizers. As soon as you’re seated at The Table, you will be served a basket of the lightest, most buttery, most delicious bread in the world. These mini-brioche buns must have 1,000 calories each but when they taste so good, who cares? We’ve been known to order an extra portion and even to steal our friends' when they aren’t looking.



Truffle and Edamame Dumplings at Yauatcha


Sundays for us usually involve a hangover and copious amounts of Chinese food. There is something about soy sauce and noodles that feels incredibly comforting after a night of drinking. If you’re stable enough to step out of the house on Sunday, drown all of the previous night’s sorrows in baskets of piping hot, delicious dim sum. Our favourite here is the Truffle and Edamame Dumpling which though has been replicated by many, still manages to taste the best here.



Farmer’s Meal at Farmer’s Café


For the more calorie conscious, this is one dish you need to try. Farmer’s Café is a small restaurant tucked away behind Mini Punjab where the menu is focused on locally sourced, healthy and delicious food that can all be made vegan, keto or gluten-free on request. If you’re ever in Bandra and looking for a wholesome, hearty lunch but are trying to eat clean, order the Farmer’s Meal (it comes with chicken or tofu). It’s the perfect combination of protein, veggies and brown rice and really helps us get over the guilt of eating the next dish on our list.



Dark Chocolate Cake at Kala Ghoda Café


KGC is one of our favourite cafes in the city. They service delicious, simple food with a menu that works for almost every meal, and even those in between. This is the perfect place to catch up with a friend over freshly brewed coffee, because where there is coffee, there is most certainly cake. KGC has a lot of desserts to choose from and we’ve tried almost all of them though their Dark Chocolate Cake served with cream has to be our top choice. Rich, decadent and gooey, you won’t regret trekking to town for this!



Written by Devika Pathak

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